The Foot of Pikes Peak in Manitou
Springs, Colorado

At the foot of Pikes Peak


The Loop At Manitou

The Loop At
Manitou Springs The Loop At Manitou
The Loop               965 Manitou Ave.               Manitou Springs, Colorado               Foot of Pikes Peak               Phone 719 685 9344               Delicious Mexican Food,        and Home of the        World's Largest (and best) MARGARITA !         If you get a chance ... visit The Loop, You'll be glad you did!

Green Chili Pepper

The Loop won the Gold award
in 2014 and 2015 for best Margarita
in the Pikes Peak area.
1st place: This award was given
by the local Gazette and the Independent newspapers,
which were the result of readers votes!

Green Chili Pepper

Friends of
   The Loop with Food, Drink, and Fun!

In 2009 we added more seating space, for your convenience!!!  In 2010 we remodeled and improved our BAR area!!

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Chicken, Steak, Pork, Taco salads!
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Desserts, Ala Carte, plus New for 2016

Winner of 21 awards for Our margaritas!!
Presented in the 'GO' section of the Gazette newspaper,
and the Independent weekly!
Our fajitas are the most popular dish served!


The Loop won the Gold award (1st)
in 2013 for best Margarita
in Colorado Springs.
1st place: This award was given
by the Colorado Springs Gazette
which was the result of readers votes!

Awards for Bar and Restaurant
Food and Drink from the
October 2011 Independent!!!
1st place: Best bar for a margarita !!
2nd Place: best neighborhood restaurant in Manitou,
3rd Place: best Mexican Restaurant

Three Spring 2010 awards!!!
1st place: best bar margarita !!
3rd best mexican restaurant,
3rd for best chips and salsa.

The 2008 Independent Awards were:
1st for best margarita !!
2nd for best mexican restaurant,
and 3rd for best chips and salsa.

The 2007 Independent Awards were:
1st for best margarita !!
2nd for best bar for a margarita,
and 3rd for chips and salsa.

The Loop won 4 awards
in the December 2006 Independent;
1st for best margarita,
1st for best bar for margarita,
2nd for best Mexican restaurant, 3rd for best enchiladas.

The "GO" staff of the Colorado Springs Gazette,
chose "The Loop's" GREEN CHILI
as "Best of the Springs, 2005"!

This is what the Gazette had to say!

Instuction for drinking a Loop margarita:

1. Give your car keys to someone. Have a designated driver or write the number of a cab company on your hand.

2. Relinquish your phone card and address book. Your college roommate who you haven't spoken to in nine years doesn't need a phone call at 3 a.m. no matter how important you think it is. Other people who don't want to hear your tequila-induced brilliance include parents, ex-lovers, retired high school principals AND BEST FRIENDS FROM THE THIRD GRADE. Siblings and first cousins, however are fair game.

3. No matter how tempting, do not perch on very high barstools or barstools with no back support. Crashing to the floor won't hurt, but tomorrow you'll be sorry.

Restaurant Hours
Every Day11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

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